My name is Alexis Wittman.  I love that you found your way here to my website.  I hope you will visit often as I hope to post frequently.  My goal is to have a place to share ideas, wisdom and spiritual insights as they come to me.

I always say, the best inspiration is that which is freshest!  You too?

I am also a part-time Christian Science Practitioner.  Although my background is as a third generation Christian Scientist, I have also always been open to knowing other practices.  So I find I am in a position to dialogue with many of the New Thought Movement, with Christians and non-believers. I have a love of the Persian Sufi mystic poet Hafiz.  You will too.  Check him out.  I have also been to visit the Dalai Lama in Indianapolis, and heard Thich Nhat Hanh in Boston.  I am student of Joel Goldsmith as well.  Sounds like I am dropping names doesn’t it?  But the next name I drop is the important one.

Christ Jesus is my way-shower, and his healings –my inspiration.  In 1999, I spent a summer really studying his words in one of those ‘red-letter bibles’ and found him in a very personal way.  I am born again.

You will find that there is a wide river of inspiration shared on this site.  I hope you will feel free to post here also.


me with burgandy hair--I can be reached for prayerful healing work via my email alexiswittmandesigns@gmail. com and by telephone at 503.550.8889 (Portland, Oregon, USA area code) and 231.409.1776 (Northern Michigan, USA).  Please feel free to call me outside the ‘normal’ hours. Specific prayerful work requires a commitment to study and connect with me. Payment is by pure donation upon successful healing based on costs similar to other professional services, or, as you are inspired.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting this site.

You may follow this link for a

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