Can Love blanket the world?

We finally got our snow here in Northern Michigan…first, a few stray hard flakes, the kind that hit hard…then overnight, more. Now just the tallest grasses are visible. As we approach our Christmas holiday here in the United States, it occurs to me, that perhaps love can act like snow… blanketing the world.

I had just had a chat with someone at the little restaurant I frequent here in Charlevoix. She is estranged from one of her sons. Hard feelings exist on both sides. Some of the reasons for separation seemed justified. But I encouraged her to keep the idea of reconciliation and love active in her thoughts and to act from that same standpoint. One never knows at what point the way will open, …but always be open to it.

Then, looking outside at our first snowfall, I could see the perfect analogy for the way love works sometimes. If love can come in a steady, constant flow (which is exactly how God’s love works), we can see our world, our life, blanketed with that same love (like fresh snow on the lawn). Both humanly and spiritually –there need be no separation, we can see the love and protection of God’s love active in our own lives.

I like that.

So any situation we face, individually and collectively, we can apply this idea. Even hard-hearted conflicts and violent terrorist acts can be covered by God’s love. THAT should be our first thought when we are hit by bad news, not fear, but that God’s love covers all like a fresh new-fallen snow.

Years ago, my husband and I were estranged, separated. It was a very difficult time…but one of great growth too. There was a lot of prayer, and the support of Christian Science practitioners too.

It was when, one day, I realized that I loved my husband, as a fact, as a truth about me (like 2+2=4), …that healing and reconciliation began. No matter what behavior or reaction I was seeing, I KNEW, it didn’t alter that fact. My love for him was a fact. That freed me to respond according to that fact and be my best self as well. This led to great healing in our marriage.

If we knew that the love we have for the world were similarly, a fact: A truth about us, we could see that same love blanketing the world. This same blanketing love covers our ‘enemies’ –whom we are charged with loving by Christ Jesus. The same love inspires the Christly direction to “forgive 70 times 7”, –forgiving so thoroughly that there is nothing left to forgive because the love is so complete.

Complete love! Now that’s a Christmas concept worth thinking about. A love so complete, it must be God.

GOD is LOVE. MERRY Christmas to you, and the wide-world too.


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Smoke on the Water Cafe, Charlevoix, Michigan  



My heart wants

To burst from


It seeps out

and even radiates

Within range.

It’s a happy sort of

Love — almost bubbly.

What’s changed?

An hour ago I

Might have sat

In dispare, or

A kind of grief?

Well, you know —

God entered in

I turned ever

so slightly in her

Direction — and


Love overtook me.

–Love is all


July, 2015 .

Copyright held by Alexis Wittman

And,.. If I be Lifted up–

I’ve been dwelling on this phrase from Christ Jesus a lot lately. It came to me, oddly, after watching an Adam Sandler movie a week ago while on a business trip in San Jose, California.

In one scene, Adam is challenged to battle a competitor. Unusually, it was set in a fantasy future with antigravity effects. But first, he steps onto a small flying disk— which lifts him upwards. Then, it hit me…

“If, I be lifted up…I will (in a spiritual state), see all others, that way too.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote once, ‘Jesus beheld, in Science (sic: or, in Truth), the perfect man– where sinning, mortal man appeared to others. In this correct view of man, the Master healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, restored the dead to life, thus proving the Kingdom of Heaven intact, and man, pure and holy.’

It explains how Christ Jesus could put his arm around the leper, because leprosy does not exist in the divine consciousness. It also explains why he could call Lazarus forth, because, he was very much alive to Jesus’ thought.  He could never have called him forth if he thought otherwise.

It also explains the necessary time Jesus spent alone, in prayer, in quiet meditation with God. Lifting himself up…up from the struggles of daily first century life. In realizing his own divinity, he brought others to theirs. The illusion of anything less?– Shattered, dissolved.

This is ours to do as well; Our work in the world, our way of being-undivorced from good, God. It can be as simple as dropping judgmental labels, or reconciling with someone…as dramatic as speaking truth to error, or giving your life to helping others,….and always lifting ourselves up. Get on that ‘high flying disk’, as Abraham Hicks has said, and stay there, as often as you can.

Then, you too will be lifted up, and those around you, or in your thoughts and prayers, too. And THAT is the practice, isn’t it? That’s all it is.

See John 12:32: “And if I be lifted up, I will draw all unto me.”

Love to you, this Easter morning, 2015.


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Enthusiasm does not know age–

Quick insight to share….

I was leaving the office early, just a few days after Christmas. It was my son’s birthday and I had some things to finish up before having friends and family over to celebrate. My computer was being upgraded, and I couldn’t really work without a CPU on my desk. I am an architectural designer for a large firm, here, in Portland.

I felt especially gleeful. I exuded enthusiasm as I said goodbye to coworkers and receptionists. Then, it hit me.

Enthusiasm doesn’t know age!

These office friends were seeing ME as enthusiastic, happy. And, that’s what they responded to… not to my size or shape, or how slow I walked, but just to the enthusiasm. I walked out with enthusiasm, at a normal, pace.

We are ‘made of qualities’, really.

The same rule could be said of joy, honesty, loyalty, hope, confidence, caring,… none of these know age. Whether three years old or three-times-thirty– If we ‘live out’ of these qualities there really is nothing for age to attach to. We are ageless. We are full and overflowing of God.

I learned this as a little girl from my parents, from my wonderful Christian Science Sunday School teachers ((forever grateful)) and again, in Christian Science Class Instruction… this time, an Angel whispered in my ear.

“Enthusiasm does not know age”.

Play with it some:

Joy does not know age. Courage does not know age. Strength does not know age….

Joy does not ‘know’ pain. Courage does not know fear. Strength does not know lack. Love does not know disease….

The permutations of this concept are infinite, are Life itself.

God IS good… in Him, we live and move and have our being. “Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, —neither in nor of matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints.” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scripture.

Love to you right now.

Tiny flower

Tiny flower


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