Do I really believe that God is Love?

I am asking myself this, this morning….in the midst of my trip to San Francisco to visit Ian, Andrew and Lindsey while looking for architectural work.  There’s been a disappointing ‘almost-job’, crushed expectations, good meetings but no offers. I have discovered the charming village of Pt. Richmond across the bay from the city and come here to decompress from everything.  It reminds me of the way of life back in small Michigan towns.  People are especially open and friendly here.

Sitting in a cafe, thinking about the way things have gone this past week, the thought asks:  Do you really believe God is Love?

We may acknowledge that statement as a fact, or a truth, … but, do we believe it?

Do I believe?

In some ways, it is the ultimate question of faith.  Faith presented as a love request from the ultimate Source. Do I really, really believe that God is Love, that God loves me… then that thought expands to, does God care for me, provide for me, shelter and protect me?

‘Cause maybe, THAT’s what’s going on.  And my stubborn-minded prescriptive determination to have things MY way is masking the love God has for me.  For you too?

(Already so much has been given me, including running into someone at church my first Wednesday night here, who so kindly offered to let me condo-sit for her giving me a whole extra week in the area.  And, her place was within blocks of the motel I’d been staying at, meaning I already knew the area.  AND, her condo sits on a lovely canal with sailboats perched alongside.  AND, turns out we knew each other 25 years ago in the Christian Science Church in Indianapolis.)

How cool is all that after all?  And, I was doubting?

So resting in that idea, that God IS Love, my breathing slows, my brow relaxes, and my joy returns to consciousness.

Everything is ok.  God is Love.



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