Want to talk?

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee”. [Isaiah 26:3]


If you need to talk to someone about keeping your mind ‘stayed’ on God, please consider calling a Christian Science practitioner.   These loving individuals all around the world are available to help you with your prayer life, and specifically for healing.   You can read verified testimonies of healing experiences at www.spirituality.com.  The Christian Science Journal lists churches, reading rooms and practitioners worldwide, as well as inspired articles and testimonies of healing.

I am listed as a part time practitioner on www.CSPractitioners.com (also called www.prayerfulhelp.com ) I also work sometimes as an architectural designer.   ‘Happy to help you, please call, text, or contact me by email.  I am on US East Coast Time  My normal waking hours are 7 am to 11 pm, but please know you can reach me 24/7.   Really!

503.550.8889  – mobile + text  I promise I will call you right back 

alexiswittman@gmail.com – my email address 

PO Box 212, Northport, Mi, USA ~ 49670

Also, I quite often travel between the West Coast and the Blue Coast- Michigan, if you would like to meet in person.  If you are anywhere near my travel path [I-70] we can arrange a meeting.

Donations may be made via email or PO Box or Paypal

How do I work?  Well, if you know me from this blog, you know I am always working to understand and love God more richly.  That is the real work.  If you have a particular need, and want to engage in Christian Science Treatment to resolve that need we will connect and do that work of understanding God together.

I do not charge for my services.  I do not send invoices.  If you out of gratitude, feel moved to donate to my efforts in line with what other professional services cost, that is a good guide but not necessary.  You can always donate using Paypal or Zelle with my email.  But never hesitate to call because you think you owe me something!  The only thing you owe me is an openness to God’s Truth (and THAT, you already have because it comes from God to God’s idea – you!).

Christian Science Treatment is a specific healing path.  It is not energy work, it is not psychoanalytic, not human reasoning, nor something you ‘pile on’ to other methods.  It is unique unto itself.  Instead of thinking of it as energy work, which is popular right now, think of it as:  Truth Work.

Christ Jesus said, “If you follow me, and continue in my Word, you will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free.”

That is the guideline.  While I can and do contribute prayerfully to those relying on other methods, I will ask you to discontinue those separate methods if you specifically ask for ‘Treatment’.  Each treatment is complete and effective unto itself.  It is not a process but a moment of living in the Truth. Afterwards, you are not bound to me in anyway, and are welcome to seek help from other practitioners, or methods.  The only request is that you seek help from only one practitioner at a time…

The first thing I require of you is to get access to Mary Baker Eddy’s seminal work originally published way back in 1875:

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

It is widely available from Christian Science Reading Rooms (my favorite place), public libraries,  Amazon.com, or even Goodwill stores.  It’s out there.  You may find out your grandmother has a copy somewhere.  The book is intended to heal anyone, anytime, anywhere, any denominational, or no denominational background.  Many have been healed just by reading it through and thinking on its message.  It is also a key to the Holy Bible.  If you’ve never understood the depth and wisdom contained in the Bible, you are in for a treat.  It will open up new, fresh ideas about that beautiful book…and allow you to heal yourself, your family, and others.

If you can’t get a copy, for now, you can read the entire text here:  http://christianscience.com/read-online/science-and-health

Listen to it here also:  http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/the-bible-and-science-and-health/science-and-health/listen-to-science-and-health

You can also visit the site: www.christianscience.com for a lovely experience and more information.

And, you probably have a bible somewhere, right?  I especially love The King James Version, but there are many lovely translations that speak to me also.

Lastly, I also recommend any of Joel Goldsmith’s works.  They are widely available at bookstores and on-line.  ‘The Art of Meditation’ is a good one to start with, but really, any one will be very helpful to you on your path.  Here is a quick biography of Joel that shares his experience in Christian Science: http://www.joelgoldsmith.wwwhubs.com/

Related articles – here’s one from The Christian Science Monitor, the international daily news service and Pulitzer Prize winning paper:

alexis wittman, cs

2 thoughts on “Want to talk?

  1. Hi, dear Alexis. Glad to have come across this blog. Liked especially the quote from one of your articles “If you don’t know the path, do you know the direction?… It turns out, we are directed to good. By good. For good. Always. The path is not always clear, but the direction is.” People sometimes make fun of me for believing this to the bottom (top?) of my soul–and I wish I could be more convincing in how I explain it! Thanks so much for your December gatherings. The review/look forward at the new year has continued to inspire me to make 2015 “My best year yet!”–and the company was great!

    Any chance for the two of us to set up a regular phone hour? I’ll probably never call myself a Christian Scientist, but I’m clearly discovering that I’m “supposed” to be a practicing/applied/clinical metaphysician (once I learn how to spell it!). Would love to explore that with you–and stay in touch during your bi-coastal perigrinations. Much love and blessings to you.


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