Every Question Mark is now a Stop Sign?

Hello there…

Here’s a new insight.  As I was studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson, I realized there are often times when there is a question to be read –either in the Bible or in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (by Mary Baker Eddy).  Usually, I just breeze on by and treat the question as a normal part of the text.

But guess what?

It’s a question.  Try answering it.

That’s why now whenever I come to a question mark, I treat it as a stop sign.  Stop.  Take a moment. Consider.  And,….answer.  I realize you and I may not always know the answer, but we can discover that much too.

Eddy asks us, ‘Have you ever imagined John’s heavenly city people with diving beings?”  That’s not just rhetorical.  Ask yourself – what is that like?  Living with divine beings all around you?


What do you think?

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