Time and passages

Today I write because tomorrow will be the 10th year anniversary of my husband’s transition, Brice Hayes Wittman Kenny.  I can now say that grief has unfolded from its tight gripe and for me, turned into a purer form of love.  My awareness of Brice has actually grown through these years.  Part of it is memory, but part feels new – like the knowing that he continues on brings me forward as well.   I like that.

Brice used to joke often, “We have no time“…usually when we were running late – as a way of saying that time was not important.  And, we’d arrive almost miraculously where we needed to be, on time.  He also had an experience one night where he woke up suddenly with this phrase running through his thought “as if said directly into my ear”,  he said as he woke me up to share this idea:  As a way to travel in time and space…”Create a space in time and fall into it.”  I like that too. Its significance is still not clear to me, but suggests that space and time are have an openness to them.

Consciousness is a broad place isn’t it?   Mary Baker Eddy shared privately with another that, ‘When we are on the same plane of consciousness, we know and can converse with another.’  In fact, one of her workers fell down the steps as he was headed into the kitchen for a late night snack.  It appeared he had died.  Mrs. Eddy spoke directly to him and charged Calvin to get up.  Which he did.  Asked where he went, he said that he continued to get his piece of pie!

Jesus, when at the tomb of his friend Lazarus, called him to come forth…and he did.  Other times in the bible, people were raised from the dead by prophets and disciples.  Our role now in these times?  Our job is to raise our thought to God. To always know that death is unreal as such, that consciousness continues, life continues — our life and our loved ones’ continue to be in Life, God.  I have found that true.

“Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionately to their occupancy of your thoughts.”

Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

And from this week’s Bible Lesson, S&H page 427:1 with the side-text: Life not
contingent on matter….
1 If it is true that man lives, this fact can never change
in Science to the opposite belief that man dies. Life is
3 the law of Soul, even the law of the spirit of
Truth, and Soul is never without its representative.
Man’s individual being can no more
6 die nor disappear in unconsciousness than can Soul, for
both are immortal. If man believes in death now, he
must disbelieve in it when learning that there is no reality
9 in death, since the truth of being is deathless. The belief
that existence is contingent on matter must be met
and mastered by Science, before Life can be understood
12 and harmony obtained.

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