Thanksgiving Woes? Or…Wisdom!

Many years ago when our sons were small, our home had a tiny kitchen with just a foot or two on each side of our kitchen sink.  It was time to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner for us all.  We had no family nearby to help contribute to the meal.  It was all up to me — or seemed to be at least.

At one point, in utter frustration  I’d asked my husband to ‘please wash these potatoes– in the bathroom sink!’ because the kitchen was was full of dirty pots and pansHe said “no”— and I lost it!  I threw the china bowl with the potatoes in it to the floor with a grand flourish – breaking it and scattering potatoes all over the tiny kitchen.  ‘Then, there’ll be no potatoes’ I said to make the point as I headed to the bathroom myself – for a good cry.

Calming down, taking a breath and hearing a little dish-doing in the kitchen – I started to pray.  I can’t remember quite what my prayers focused on, but I do remember that I started with gratitude.  Gratitude for my husband, for the wonderful little boys in the next room, and the day ahead of us.

I knew too, that God was in control…not some pressure I had felt to prepare the perfect meal.  Feeling like the holidays were all up to me to make happen was a heavy thought of mine.  It affected how I viewed Christmas too.

Then, I had a sweet insight.  A fresh idea.  Here it is….. You enter into Christmas through Thanksgiving.  It’s ONE holiday, not two.  Somehow this new way of thinking about the celebrations of gratitude and Christ Jesus’ birth lifted me out of resentment and into true honoring of both gatherings.

It brought peace back into our home that particular Thanksgiving, and continues to be the way I think about the holidays.  Truly holy-days.  And as we begin to think of every day as holy…  each day filled with both gratitude and Christ blessings?  Harmony reigns and blessings spill into the very ordinary day, every day!

King James Bible
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

What do you think?

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